Quality Policy

At KidsRepubliq, we enjoy to create solutions that genuinely are recognized by our customers. We are fully committed to achieve the highest possible degree of customer satisfaction, by providing products and services which consistently exceed client expectations for design, quality, delivery and overall product support.

KidsRepubliq performs continuous testing of the strength and quality of the furniture according to EN 1729-1 and 1729-2 standards. This ensures that the furniture meets high quality and safety requirements.

We beleive that quality is visibly presented in our products and services. For us, quality is an essential part of our everyday work.

Our quality management is based on:

• Communication and engagement with clients, so we can understand and implement their evolving needs and expectations.
• Maintain a strong customer focus and exhibit pride in our products and services.
• Risk management instead of problem solving
• Maintain a quality management system which satisfies the requirements of ISO 9001, assessed and registered through an authorized authority and provide all resources necessary to ensure the effective implementation of our quality management system.

• Train staff in the quality management system and communicate client needs and expectations at all levels of the organization.
• Create a culture of commitment to quality amongst our staff, suppliers, sub-contractors and consultants.
• Monitor, review and continuously improve the effectiveness of the management system.

This policy, and our performance against targets set, is reviewed annually.

It is the responsibility of the company’s leadership team to ensure that this policy is effectively implemented and communicated to all staff, subcontractors and suppliers.